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Tue Sep 13 11:15:42 EST 1994

In article <9408282144.0UJUX02 at> andrew.price at writes:
>I'm trying to find out the test to demonstrate a person's blind spot.  A
>teacher once put x's on a piece of paper and made me shut an eye but I can't
>remember the exact procedure.  
>Thanks for the help.  If you know you can leave a message here or write me at
>andrew.price at

Below this message, you will see two 'X's. Close your right eye, and
look at the right-hand 'X' (or close your left eye and look at the
left-hand 'X'). Move your head towards and away from the screen - 
at some point, the 'X' on which you are not concentrating will
disappear because it is in your blind spot... I've just noticed an
extra feature of doing this on a computer screen - as I move my
mouse around near my blind spot, I can map the edges as the cursor
appears and disappears on the screen :-)


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