Poor Mr. Hooten

hooten hooten at ucssun1.sdsu.edu
Fri Sep 16 14:43:42 EST 1994


: All that I said?  Actually, I had allot more to say than that and
: so did Mr. Hooten.  My harsh response was sent via private e-mail
: in response to an equally e-mail that Mr.  Hooten sen to me which
: included, among other things, some childish remarks concerning my
: last name.  I'm sorry to have burdened you all with this but since
: Mr.  Hooten has seen fit to forward my e-mail to the group I felt
: obligated to respond.

: Henry S. Putz Jr.
: HPUTZz at biotechnet.co m

Feel free to post it in it's entirety, if you think it will help your
case any.  At the end of my letter to you I stated that I could not
have come up with a more appropriate name for you myself, I do NOT
think that what I sent was equal to the snarling, toothy reply you
sent me.

-- Chris Hooten

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