(What's with the net-cops?) <--This is a troll...ignore it.

Rich Young young at clpd.kodak.com
Mon Sep 19 06:30:23 EST 1994

In article <35allm$17k at pandora.sdsu.edu> hooten at ucssun1.sdsu.edu (hooten) writes:
>Rich Young () wrote:
>Rich?  This is not a f*cking troll.  MY friend got net-copped by you
>bionet people, and I want to know why.  You have no right to just go
>whining to system administrators for unintentional cross-posts.  I have
>never posted here, ever, until you guys pulled this kind of sh*t.
>Do you understand:
>HE LOST ALL INTERNET ACCESS (i.e. his job, which dealt strictly with WWW
>sites on the internet) because you quick-tempered cheese-heads decided
>it was your "duty" to whine and complain, and unindated his system
>administrator with false complaints.


	Dear Mr. Hooten:

	Please post the text and message ID of **any** comment I made during
	the "bigfoot" posting binge.  Failing that, a graceful apology will
	be acceptable.

	By the way, how ARE things on alt.syntax.tactical?

-Rich Young

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