What's with the net-cops?

hooten hooten at ucssun1.sdsu.edu
Mon Sep 19 00:42:49 EST 1994

U58563 at uicvm.uic.edu wrote:
: Please restate your SUGGESTED RESPONSE and the FACTS of the case.  I am
: sympathetic, but you didn't give "Bob"'s address, his administrator's ("net-
: cop"'s) address, the article-id and text of the "offending" message, the text
: of any explanation given to Bob for revocation of Net access, the POLICY under
: which such access was revoked, and so on.  Without these, I cannot DO anything
: and I don't even know WHAT to do!  Please reply and/or post with ALL these
: particulars in ONE place, so we can take action!

This is my last response, since it goes straight into many people's
mailboxes automatically.  Bob received no complaints himself.  None.
His address was bob at ncdcr.dcr.state.nc.us, so I assume that postmaster@
will get to the right person.  The "proper" response in such cases is
to first email the offending party.  If you get profanity or an overly
abusive response, then the next step would be his system administrator
or postmaster, although this should rarely be used.  If he is being
a jerk, many people will tell him such, and that in itself will resolve
many problems.

-- Chris Hooten

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