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Wilf Leblanc wilf at zeus.achilles.net
Mon Sep 19 13:00:03 EST 1994

In bionet.general you write:
>In article <35allm$17k at pandora.sdsu.edu> hooten at ucssun1.sdsu.edu (hooten) writes:
>>Rich Young () wrote:

>	Dear Mr. Hooten:

>	Please post the text and message ID of **any** comment I made during
>	the "bigfoot" posting binge.  Failing that, a graceful apology will
>	be acceptable.

The fact remains that the crosspost was initiated by a non bigfoot
member.  The fact remains that Henry Franzoni (who only wants to
discuss the real bigfoot, by the way) was basically laughed out
of bionet.general.  And the fact remains that bionet.general *is*
the proper home for serious discussions about bigfoot.  Now if
someone really wants to get someone fired over such a pathetic thing
as bionet.general, then I submit to you that the childish ones might
not be the ones that speak highly of mooses.  At least we only act

>	By the way, how ARE things on alt.syntax.tactical?

I'm not sure, but off topic discussions are *the* sign of a member
and that would tend to implicate you as well.  (We won't even bring
up your "sasquatch" hostname).

>-Rich Young

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Standard disclaimers always apply and that is the whole point.


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