Biotechnology Funding

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Tue Sep 20 02:15:28 EST 1994

Painedog <painedog at> writes:
>You can reach me by E-Mail or at D. Blech & Company  800-360-3226.or
>preferably I can  start a forum of hate mail or propserous  capitalism.
Perhaps you can also explain (i) why so many of the stocks taken public by D.
have performed miserably, (ii) why D. Blech always takes an unusually high
underwriting commission on his deals, thereby depriving the company of
badly-needed proceeds, and (iii) why D. Blech always takes a "non-accountable
expense allowance" which in recent offerings has lifted the expenses of the
offering to above $1 million, whereas the usual IPO handled by Goldman Sachs,
Alex. Brown, Hambrecht & Quist, et al. has expenses of $450K or so (to say
nothing of a 6-7% commission, in contrast to D. Blech's 8%). If you want
to make a deal, you should be sure to provide your company's recent
prospectuses, along with after-market statistics. I've found them hair-

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