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Wed Sep 21 12:30:24 EST 1994

Anthony Tomlinson (tomlinson at wrote:
: In article <35b6k6$3h2 at> hooten, hooten at
: writes:
: >is an outrage!  Can't SOMEONE either affirm that what he posted was some
: >horrible thing that deserved such behaviour, or reassess the situation,
: >and possibly slip off a quick note to his system administrator.  Please
: >at least do one or the other.  I find it hard to believe that he would
: >post something to warrant such abusive complaining.  

: Someone would probably do SOMETHING, if someone else would PLEASE,
: PLEASE, repost the text of the offending post!!  This has been requested
: before, but you did nothing; it's  a waste of time to argue about a post
: which nobody will repeat.  If you really want people to form an opinion
: about this thing, you've got to show us the post again.  Otherwise, give
: up on your friend.
: I saw a reference to moose in one of these threads - was St. Bob's post
: the one with the moose poem?   I hope not, because that certainly wasn't
: worth all this furore.  It was quite funny, actually.

: Anthony  (prize to the most abusive play on my name) Tomlinson

I probably will get net-copped for rearing my ugly head again, but
we don't know what post it was that got crossposted here, or possibly
spoofed for bob.  It was not intentional, and it was some time ago.
If a moose poem ended up here, it is probably a sure bet it came from
alt.bigfoot.  Bob doesn't even know, no one sent him a note, and no
one has been reading this forum.  I do know that he got majorly net-copped,
though, and it was over something as mundane as a moose poem.

-- Chris Hooten
P.s.  I am trying to stay out of this forum.  I already posted the
address to send stuff too, and really had no intention of starting a
flame war, like another brilliant person emailed to my system administrator
claiming I was trying to do.  A much better way to start a flame war would
be to pose as a scientist that comes up with a cure for homosexuality,
or posting plans for a "home abortion kit" or something as distasteful
as these.   I am just trying to get access back for a friend that was
wrongfully treated.  Thank you.

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