Nice responses for a bunch of scientists...

Wilf Leblanc wilf at
Wed Sep 21 09:20:02 EST 1994

Anthony Tomlinson <tomlinson at> writes:
>In article <35b6k6$3h2 at> hooten, hooten at
>I saw a reference to moose in one of these threads - was St. Bob's post
>the one with the moose poem?   I hope not, because that certainly wasn't
>worth all this furore.  It was quite funny, actually.

To answer your question, I'm not sure if it was a moose poem or
not, but that would be a good bet.  We believe that moose poemetry
is much more damaging than a racist, sexist, searing flame, or
generally abusive comment, and time and time again we are proven

>Anthony  (prize to the most abusive play on my name) Tomlinson

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