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>We have received a proposal below for a new newsgroup,
>The purpose of the proposed newsgroup is to establish better 
>communication between symbiosis researchers, to share ideas, to solicit 
>information, and disseminate news of research progress and upcoming 
>events of interest to symbiosis researchers.  

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of symbiosis research, there is the
definite need for improved communication among symbiosis researchers
of different provenience.

As a microbiologist who ventured into insect/microbe associations 
a couple of years ago I was amazed and fascinated of the numerous
examples of such interactions of which I was completely unaware before.
Yet many of the phenomena described by and long-known to zoologists are
only marginally understood on the side of the microbes and their 
physiology, mainly because only a few microbiological labs are 
focusing on such questions.

A thank-you to James White for leading the initiative for this newsgroup
and his offer to serve a a discussion leader. I am looking forward to 
the establishment of this newsgroup and hope it will be a valuable forum 
for symbiosis research.

Andreas Brune

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