Cephalopod Physiology Help

MICKEY D. SCHMIDT SCHMIDTMD%CWISP at pcmail.usafa.af.mil
Thu Sep 22 13:26:17 EST 1994

Since man and presumably other mammals lose bone calcium and potassium in 
space. I wonder what would happen to an octopus or squid in space. Since 
they don't have much, if any, bony material in their bodies. Would they too 
suffer from some sort of blood chemistry change. Do squids and octopi have 
much blood calcium and potassium? Is there any similarity at all in 
	At least they seem to be an interesting test subject. Either 
they will suffer not blood chemistry changes because the have next to no 
skeleton or perhaps were could learn that the changes in space change the 
human body physiology such that the body begins to extract calcium not 
directly related to the low gravity but perhaps some other reason that 
then triggers the bone degenration as a secondary effect. A squid or a near 
relative might make a good standard to judge these changes by. I'm not a 
biologist by trade or practice but it seems to me that this might be a 
feasible kind of space shuttle experiment that ought to be done. Just a 
thought. I'd like to see responses on this subject if there is any interest. 

Mickey Schmidt
schmidtmd%cwi at dfmail.usafa.af.mil

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