3-D display of analogue signals

Heidi Jill Limongi hlimong at unix.cc.emory.edu
Fri Sep 23 09:33:06 EST 1994

Subject: 3-D display of analogue signals
Newsgroups: bionet.emf-bio
Organization: Emory University

As I am posting for my supervisor, please respond directly to his 
e-mail.  Thanks so much.

begin transmission from Steven L. Wolf, PhD, FAPTA

I am looking for software (preferably inexpensive) or ideas on how to 
display multiple sweeps of biologic signals (electromyographic traces) 
along 3 axes: x (time), y (amplitude) and z (depth).  Thank you for 
helping this novice software guy!!

Please send responses to my e-mail:  swolf at unix.cc.emory.edu

Thank you.


end message

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