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Matthew Burnham matthewb at spuddy.uucp
Sat Sep 24 09:05:12 EST 1994

             | T H I S   I S   N O T   A N   A D V E R T |
   | Please read this carefully and please respond with your views |
                        | THANK YOU IN ADVANCE  |

The purpose of this article is to collect information for an electronics 
G.C.S.E. project, hence the banner above.  Sorry if you think it 
advertises that you should read it, but I didn't want to sound like an
advert because I want people to reply and I couldn't build enough of the 
units I am going to describe anyway.

This unit I am designing and building is mainly useful to scientific 
organisations, but could be used by anyone who needs to do the task it 
is meant to do.

The unit will keep an enclosed area at a certain temperature for as long 
as you need it to.  It will be mains powered, but I expect to be able to 
run from batteries as all it needs to do is light some 12 volt bulbs 
just the right amount.

For my survey I need to find out four things:
                    1.  How many people/sites would use one?
                    2.  How much they would be prepared to pay?

                    3.  Is a similar unit commercially available?
                    4.  If so how much does it cost?

The first two of these can be answered by anyone, by filling in the 
upper part of the form below; the last two, by filling in the lower part 
of the form below.  Please also give any comments about anything 
concerned with the survey or my project, and also any comments about the 
commercially available units.  Part completed surveys are better than 
none so if you don't want to, or can't, complete a particular question, 
I don't mind one bit.

When completed please e-mail to: matthewb at spuddy.uucp  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<+
              using the subject: SURVEY (if possible)                  ^
all other queries should be addressed to the same e-mail address: >>>>>+

I'd rather you didn't post it in the Usenet conference but if this is 
the only option, so be it.

NOTE:  Any currency can be used for the price you are prepared to pay, 
but it would be helpful if you could convert it to POUNDS STERLING, to 
save me converting THOUSANDS of currencies.  I am of course expecting 
THOUSANDS of replies!!  Also if you don't know the company address 
(e-mail or snail-mail) you don't have to put it in!

YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS (for any queries):
UPPER PART  (Questions 1 & 2)
Would you personally use this unit: Yes/No
How much would you be prepared to pay for the unit: œ

How many people at your organisation would use this unit: __  out of __
How much would your organisation be prepared to pay for the unit: œ

Comments (Increase space for more comments):

LOWER PART  (Questions 3 & 4)
Do you know of/have seen/built a similar unit: Yes/No
Is it commercially available: Yes/No
If yes to either please complete the following:
        Who sells/makes this:

   Post/Zip/Etc. Code:
       E-mail address:                            (if they're hi-tech!!)
How much does it cost:

Thank you very . very .. very ... very .... much!!
Especially to Spuddy, the only free Internet connection in the UK!

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