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Mon Sep 26 16:01:42 EST 1994

	We are  in the process of creating a Global Environmental Management 
specialty at the New College of Global Studies at Radford University in 
Radford, Virginia.  The contents of this specialty are still under 
"construction" and we are investigating similar programs that are 
presently in place throughout the World.
	 The goal is to create a "unique" program that will prepare the 
student to be an active participant in management, protection, and maintenance
of the environment,  not just in a local region, but on a Global scale!  
	If you are involved in an academic department at a college or 
university, we would appreciate any information about your program, 
department, school, etc. (i.e. environmental studies, agricultural 
sciences, landscape architecture...).  If your program has anything to do 
with study of the environment (including environmental law), we can use it!
	If you are a member of a private or governmental organization 
(i.e. NSF, GreenPeace, Nat'l Park Service...), we  would appreciate  any 
literature on your organization, educational opportunities, and input 
that would be beneficial to our program.
	If you are a member of a business or corporation that has an 
interest in environmental management (and similar topics), we would 
appreciate any literature on you company, scholarship, co-op, and/or 
internships that are offered, as well as any input into what you (as an 
employer) would like to see from a graduate in this type of program.
	In short, send any and all information regarding the environment 
that you (or someone you know might have) that may be helpful with the 
creation of our curriculum.
	Thank you for any assistance and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD about our 

Send ALL information to:

	Richard Berryhill  
	New College of Global Studies
	Radford University
	Radford, Virginia  24142

E-mail:  rberryhi at

phone:  703-831-7001
FAX:    703-831-7006

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