History of Science Newsgroup Proposed

Jonathan Grobe grobe at ins.infonet.net
Tue Sep 27 13:38:43 EST 1994

In article <Pine.3.89.9409271555.A4491-0100000 at fox.cce.usp.br>, jrmcdsil at FOX.CCE.USP.BR (Jose Roberto M C da Silva) writes:
>I would like to enjoy the discussion group of history and phylosoph of 
>science, does any one have the mail adress.
The soc.history.science newsgroup has been created. It is available both
as a Usenet group and as a gatewayed mailing list.

While most sites add new Big 7 groups (such as soc.*) automatically, others 
add them only on user request. So if the group has not been added to your 
site write to your  news administrator (write to the address news or usenet) 
and ask that it be added.

The charter is as follows:

  soc.history.science will discuss the history of science in the broad sense:
  including the history of the physical sciences, history of the biological
  sciences, history of the social sciences, history of medicine, history of
  technology, history of mathematics, philosophy of science, and related

Date: Wed, 24 Aug 1994 16:08:58 -0500
From: comfort at cshl.org (Nathaniel Comfort at Cold Spring Harbor Lab)

The Usenet newsgroup soc.history.science has now been gatewayed to a mailing
list, located at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This group is for the discussion
of topics in the history of science and is intended to bring together scholars
with different specialties, scientists themselves, and interested amateurs (in
the literal sense, not the pejorative sense). Those who do not read newsgroups,
or prefer electronic mail, can now participate in the discussions held in this
group. The mailing list works as follows:

+All messages posted to the newsgroup will be sent to all subscribers to the
mailing list.

+All messages e-mailed to the mailing list will appear as posts to the

+To subscribe to the mailing list, send e-mail with the following message:
subscribe HIST-SCI [your full name]

Send the mail to:
listproc at cshl.org

Do not include a "subject" header

+For more information about this list server, send a message to the above
with the word "help" (without quotes) in the body. This explains how to receive
this list as a digest, how to receive a directory of who's on the list, how to
remove your name from this directory, and other features.

+To send mail to the list, send to:     hist-sci at cshl.org

+Please do not send subscribe messages to hist-sci. Any messages other than list
server commands sent to listproc will be returned.

Please direct technical questions about the list to Corp Reed (reed at cshl.org),
and any other questions to Nathaniel Comfort (comfort at cshl.org). We hope
you find this list an interesting place.

Nathaniel Comfort

Jonathan Grobe  grobe at ins.infonet.net

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