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Shinji Miyasato miyasato at
Tue Sep 27 23:37:53 EST 1994

  Sorry if I'm posting this to the wrong group.
  A friend asked me to post this:


  I'm a 3rd year undergraduate majoring in veterinary science in Japan.
  I would like to study clinical veterinary science in the United States,
 England, or some other English-speaking country. I would appreciate any
 information you have on the following points:

  1. Which universities or colleges have courses in clinical veterinary 
  2. What are the requirments for admission and what, if any, are the special
    strengths or areas of interest?
  3. Can foreign students seek admisson, and is there any financial aid 

                                                    Mika TANABE

                                            Miyazaki University of Japan

  Please answer by E-MAIL to:

                       miyasato at

  Thank you very much.

                 Shinji Miyasato               
      ITK : Institute Tecnologico de Kyushu
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