need ideas for methods to kill off/ablate cells in chick embryo

tivol at tivol at
Wed Sep 28 12:35:36 EST 1994

Dear Mike,
	Do you have access to a laser tweezer?  They come with harmless and
not-so-harmless wavelengths (I believe in the same instrument.).  People here
have used this instrument to separate a chromosome, pin down one end and cut
at a particular spot (not sequence determined--just where the light micro-
scope indicates).  I believe they are capable of isolating and herding indi-
vidual cells, so they should be able to do what you want.  I'm sure there are
photoinactivation treatments (not necessarily with DiI); any chromophore
which can be absorbed only by preselected cells and which can transfer the
energy of absorbed photons to some critical part of the cell will do the job
if you have an appropriate source of absorbable photons.  The laser tweezer
might have everything you need in one (expensive) package.  Good luck.
				Bill Tivol

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