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The Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review is a student academic journal publishing 
original undergraduate research in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social 
Sciences.  Edited by undergraduates at the University of Pittsburgh Honors 
College, The Review employs a double-blind professorial referee system and 
publishes twice yearly.  Papers from undergraduates nationwide are published, 
stimulating academic debate and intercollegiate communication while also giving 
many students the opportunity to publish for the first time.

The Review will consider submissions of a scientific or analytic nature, 
dealing with any area of the arts and sciences.  Generally, essays are expected 
to illustrate a substantial body of research, to exceed mere synthesis of 
existing scholarly literature, and to emphasize insights that are the student's 
own.  To submit a paper, students should

	--include four clean copies, typed and double-spaced with the author's 	
	name removed
	--include a separate sheet listing th author's name, school, current 	
	and permanent addresses and phone numbers, as well as any relevant 
	biographical information
	--include a one-page abstract fo the paper, approximately 250 words in 	
	--include a $10 correspondence and evaluation fee.  

Send submissions to:
	The Pittsburgh Undergraduate Review
	University Honors College
	University of Pittsburgh
	3500 Cathedral of Learning 
	Pittsburgh, PA  15260

	(412) 624-0121

If possible, submit papers in MacWrite or Microsoft Word format on a disk that 
is Macintosh compatible.  Submitted materials cannot be returned.  

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