science in argentina

Jocelyn Kaiser jkaiser at
Thu Sep 29 08:49:18 EST 1994

I need to find out about some scientific research projects in 
Argentina that would make good topics for magazine articles. My
colleagues and I are already planning to write about physics, but
we need to know more about chemistry and biology in Argentina 
(chemistry in particular is apparently very strong). What I really
need is the names of a few prominent researchers who are doing 
something fairly new but far enough along to have begun to show
results. Also, ideally we'd like to find things that are in some
sense unique to Argentina (an example in Chile is using microorganisms
in copper mining; in Brazil, Chagas disease research). That stipulation
may rule out a lot of chemistry and point us toward things like ecology.

I should add that there could well be work in fields other than chemistry
and biology that we should look into.

If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me. I can call you to talk 

Thanks in advance.

Jocelyn Kaiser

(You may have noticed a post something like this but about Chile a 
week or two ago...the success of that has inspired me to try it with

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