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Thu Sep 29 04:03:21 EST 1994

I am posting this for a Postgraduate student in my lab who has been
informed of a marked discrepancy in funding between Postgraduate
students funded by the new BBSRC organization. Former SERC - funded 
students may lose out over 1500 pounds compared to other students.

The stipend level for new BBSRC studentships is 6450 pounds
The stipend for AFRC students transferring to BBSRC is 6450 pounds 
BUT (get this !) SERC students transferring to the BBSRC get 4910 pounds.
Where's the justice !!!

Students from Nottingham have already started making noises - see the
reply to their letter in New Scientist (10th Sept)
 It's about time the BBSRC and your MP where informed of your displeasure

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