Looking for software (UPGMA)

B.L.Cohen gbga13 at udcf.gla.ac.uk
Thu Sep 29 12:06:58 EST 1994

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> 	We are two biotechnology students currently studying under Dr.
> Joseph Bagshaw at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  Our project, which
> is a graduation requirement for WPI, involves genetic variation among
> and between Limulus polyphemus (Horseshoe crab) populations along the
> Atlantic coast.  Consequently, we are looking for a suitable program
> to meaningfully analyize our data, which will be band sharing on 
> autoradiograms.  We are looking for restriction fragment length 
> polymorphism (RFLP), and we want to do pairwise comparisons.  If you
> know of any software that might be useful to us or where we might
> be able to find it, we would really appreciate a post to this group or 
> e-mail at bean at wpi.wpi.edu.
> Thank-you,
> Christopher Bean
> Kristin Sullivan
> bean at wpi.wpi.edu

Try RESTSITE by Miller J. C. & Nei, M.  Available on a DOS floppy from
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