request info on purchasing used centrifuge, fermentor, incubator,...

chen jun-ming jmchen at
Thu Sep 29 20:19:49 EST 1994

I would like to purchase some used equipments, but don't know where and
how to.  Can someone give me some advices?
The equipments, that I need, are :

1. Centrifuge (DuPont T6000B, Beckman ??)
2. Autoclave (AMSCO 3021 Gravity, Forma Scientific ??)
3. Hood (Labconco Class II safety Cabinet)
4. Incubator Shaker (New Brunswick G25)
5. Fermentor (New Brunswick BioFlo III )

Thank you very much.  If possible please e-mail directly to my
account:  jmchen at

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