Chimpanzee Genotyping in Africa - UCSD Professor James Moore

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Date: Sat, 1 Oct 1994 2:20:43 GMT
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This week on ***********Wats' World********* - the virtual science talk show.

A recent paper in "Science" (265: 1193-1201) presented the results of a
genotypic study of chimpanzees at numerous African sites.  On Friday -
Oct. 7  at 10:00 am PDT (5 pm GMT) Anthropologist James Moore will be
at BioMOO to discuss the implications of this fascinating paper. 
Guests are invited to participate in the discussion with Jim and Wats.

What is BioMOO?  BioMOO is a virtual meeting place for biologists.

How do I get to BioMOO?  With the commands:
		   'telnet 8888'
 then:             'connect guest'

Once you have connected to BioMOO type: '@go seminar room' and you'll
be  there for the discussion with UCSD Anthropology Professor James Moore. 

AGAIN - that's Friday, October 7th at 10:00 am PDT: 1:00 pm EDT 
	 and 5:00 pm GMT 


 ~%HHH!*%nx.    HM           ~4HHH:      :HHHH~    .xH*""tx.       .xH*""tx.
   MMM   `MMM   `"             MMMM:     MXMMX    MMM     #MM.    MMM     #MM.
   MMM    MM"  +nn   .n*%x.    M`MMM    M XMMX   MMM       MMM,  MMM       MMM,
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 ..MMMk..HM*"  .MM. `MX..M*  .:M..  MM   .MMMM.    "Mh...xM"'      "Mh...xM"'

         		     ...the virtual meeting place for biologists.

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