Scientific Censorship and Evolution

Jeff Smiley jas13 at
Tue Apr 4 16:12:53 EST 1995

If the newsgroup can tolerate another contribution to the Milton
article, I would offer the following.

In article <275 at> richard at (Richard 
Milton) writes:

>In 1981,  molecular biologists working under Dr Morris 
>Goodman at Ann Arbor University decided to test this hypothesis.  
>They took the alpha haemoglobin DNA of two reptiles -- a snake 
>and a crocodile -- which are said by Darwinists to be closely 
>related, and the haemoglobin DNA of a bird, in this case a 
>farmyard chicken.

>They found that the two animals who had _least_ DNA sequences in 
>common were the two reptiles, the snake and the crocodile.  They 
>had only around 5% of DNA sequences in common -- only one 
>twentieth of their haemoglobin DNA.  The two creatures whose DNA 
>was closest were the crocodile and the chicken, where there were 
>17.5% of sequences in common -- nearly one fifth. The actual DNA 
>similarities were the _reverse_ of that predicted by neo-
>Darwinism. [5]

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