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James Mahaffy mahaffy at
Wed Apr 5 10:49:34 EST 1995


I teach Zoology and this morning in looking over our section in
Hickman's 9th ed I noticed a picture of a scorpion and
caption which states that young of scorpion stays with mother
until the first molt.  Yet the picture shows scorpion young,
whose size is (I think) clearly beyond the first molt.  At least
my experience of seeing hundreds of scorpions from when I was
growing up in Eritrea (East Africa)*, is that they are MUCH
smaller when first hatched.  Does anyone know if the young
sometimes stick with Mom for longer than the first molt?

*I confess at the time, fifties and early sixties, I thought I
was doing the town a favor, by turning over hundred of rocks to
find and squash the ones I find.  Now as a biologists, I realize
they are good carnivores, but at least I learned a lot about what
types of rocks they crawled under in the day and am sure I did
little to dent the population. 

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