The epstein barr virus

JayLee jaylee at ELIZA.NETAXIS.COM
Wed Apr 5 19:17:17 EST 1995

Dear Sir:

  I am currently in the proccess of researching the epstein barr virus.  
In a gopher search your name came up as someone who had posted concerning 
this virus.  However I was only able to find a few postings on the 
virus.  If it is possible I would like some more info on EBV.  I need the 
info ASAP.  I am looking for info on such topics as: symptoms, causes(is 
it at all hereditary?), cures, and the chromosome which causes the 
disease.  I am sorry to bother you and if you do not have any info please 
disregard.  But anything, from 1 page to a hundred pages of info would be 
extremly possible.

                           Thank you,
                             Jay Lee

p.s. I need the info by Thurs. 04/05/95.  If this message is not read by 
then please disregard.

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