viruses in meteorites (was Sci censorship)

dave marshall dmarshal at
Thu Apr 6 16:54:21 EST 1995

A snippet from the Scientific Censorship and Evolution thread

>>: Fossil micro-organisms have been found in meteorites, 
>>: indicating that life is universal -- not a lucky break in the 
>>: primeval soup. This view is shared by Sir Francis Crick, co-
>>: discoverer of the function of DNA [11]
>>Not fossils.  Amino acids have been found on meteorites which are
>>skewed in their entiantomeric distribution, but not fossils.

>I'm afraid your homework is defective again. 
>Viruses resembling _Pedomicrobium_ and influenza  were
>identified by Hans Dieter Pflug in a meteorite in 1981 (see
>"The Facts of Life" page 239 for further details). 

Let's hear it, folks - is there *any* decent reason to think
that these viruses were not simply contamination?  I've
never heard of this, and I would have thought that the story
would have been widely publicized...  If you know of such
a reason, let's hear it.     This sounds like a really good one
for Occam's razor.
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