NO MORE Ad Hominems, please.

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Thu Apr 6 21:52:40 EST 1995

In article <235309Z04041995 at>, an175779 at (Poor Richard) says:
   Whether or not a person is a grant recipient has NOTHING to do with the
quality of his views, one way or another --- unless and until you can show that
that person has some material incentive to take one position or another.
   If you could demonstrate that a person's advocacy or criticism of the
current system was being used for reprisals based on their political beliefs,
naturally all right-thinking people with a microliter's worth of cojones would
unite to stamp out any such attempted censorship.  Unless and until you do so,
your arguments are worthless.
   Incidentally, I support your right to be anonymous, and your right to raise
serious questions about the grant system --- but expect to be judged by your

P.S. If the grant system is SO biased, how come so many old, established,
tenured profs have <epsilon> grant money?  And as to short hours --- If you had
no money to do experiments, and no possibility of being fired, wouldn't you
work short hours?  Besides, there are lots of lazy graduate students who spend
too much time on the Net too :>

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