Scientific Censorship and Evolution

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On Sun, 26 Mar 1995, Richard Milton wrote:

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> >> Milton) says:
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> >> >Viruses resembling _Pedomicrobium_ and influenza  were
> >> >identified by Hans Dieter Pflug in a meteorite in 1981 (see
> >> >"The Facts of Life" page 239 for further details). 

A reputable primary source, authored by that well-known evolution expert, 
R. Milton.

> >> This sounds very interesting. Do you have a reference from a 
> >> peer-reviewed journal for this discovery?
> >> 
> >Dear Richard,
> >1) Which kind of virus is called Pedomicrobium? (It's a serious question, I

It's a bacterium, not a virus.

> >2) Don't you think that the enviromental conditions that can be found on a
> >meteorite (beside the heating occurred during its passage through the
> >atmosphere) would be a little challenging even for those nasty boys like
> >influenza viruses (but maybe you are telling us that they found *fossiles*
> >of viruses?)
> >3) Have you asked Dr. Quatermass what he thinks about that?
> >BTW, try to support your conclusions with serious scientific data, at least
> >with data that *sound* like serious. This is fiction (to be polite).
> Why don't you simply consult the reference I gave? 
Because you give no reference other than your own book. Since the Pflug 
(1981) reference you base your argument on is not in the Science Citation 
Index, you would perhaps care to share it with us, so that we can 
establish whether there is a grain of truth in anything you say. If you 
will not provide the reference, we will just have to come to our own 

Wolfgang Wuster
School of Biological Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor 

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