Info on the BioTech Industry???

John A. Budny 75277.3130 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Apr 12 11:18:48 EST 1995

You hit upon the very issue of biotech news:
1.  Technical
2.  Business
3.  Regulatory
4.  Lay Press
etc., etc.

All of which are fragmented

Perhaps a good start to consolidating this obvious societal force 
for the future is to make thr gross cut or separation: 
technical(sci.biotechnology) and business i.e., all other 
(biz.biotech).  As the "all other" becomes logically segmented 
into sub-sets, then create sub-set news groups under biz.biotech 
for lay press, regulatory, etc.  As it stands now, you are in the 
unfortunate position of searching here and there looking for 
pockets of biotech info.  I wish you luck on your mission 

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