Chemistry and Physics and Uncivil Behavior

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Fri Apr 14 08:47:27 EST 1995

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> >Poor Richard is a bitter, paranoid, Luddite; and a coward for not putting
> >his name on what he writes.  He is also probably the unabomber.  Just my
> >guess.
> No,  Poor Richard is just a meaningless little pud-strummer who has nothing 
> better to do with his or her time than whine about how unfair the world is.  
> What a waste of bandwidth

Poor Richard is whining, but does raise some valid points.  All of us know
of questionable behavior or even unethical behavior.  I am surprised that
anyone would think that such behavior does not occur in science as it does
in all  endeavors.  Despite public image to the contrary, scientists are
humans too.  Scientists fall prey to human weaknesses just as politicians,
businessmen, etc. It is unfortunate.  However, most of us do remain true to
the ethical ideal.

Poor Richard: 
  -If you know of unethical behavior, do something about it. 
  -If you expect people to believe anything you have to say get out from 
    behind the double blind.  


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