Digestive system

Leslie Gartner lgartner at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Wed Apr 12 21:05:51 EST 1995

On 11 Apr 1995, Philip Ramsey wrote:

> I'm helping a friend to do research on the digestive system and 
> would like to know where to find info on this subject.
> Philip
Any Anatomy and Physiology book will give you a good beginning, for 
instance :
Marieb: Human Anatomy and Physiology, published by Benjamin and Cummings, 
1995. Any College or Community College Library should have this or a 
similar book on the subject. Additionally any Histology Textbook 
(Junqueira et. al, Basic Histology published by Appleton Lange, 1995) or 
Physiology Textbook (such as Guyton's Textbook of Medical Physiology, 
published by Saunders, 1994) will tell you more about the digestive 
system than you care to know.
Good luck.

lgartner at umabnet.ab.umd.edu

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