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>> Whose DNA is being sequenced? It is a very simple question, but a very 
>> important one.
>> jay

>The simple answer to this question is that BITS of the genomes of 
>MANY people are being sequenced.


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I did not see the original question on this thread.  I'd like to know 
more about the answer to this important question:

1) Is there a list somewhere of the MANY people whose genomes are being
searched?  Are the sources known individuals and/or cell lines?
2) Have those who are administering the Human Genome project organized these
sources in any way?  Or is everyone just looking randomly at pieces of
genomes from, essentially, random samples (albeit from a likely
specialized sample of sources)?
3) The question of whose genome is the first one that comes to my mind 
every time I read an article lauding the technilogical wonders and/or 
potential benefits of this program in the popular press.  Yet I have 
never before seen an answer to this question.  Why are populizers of this 
program so afraid of dealing with this crucial question? 

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