heavy water

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara un691cs at genius.embnet.dkfz-heidelberg.de
Tue Apr 18 01:48:30 EST 1995

> For someone writing a murder mystery (as the original poster was doing),
> using D2O seems like the perfect "vehicle".  The chemical is inexpensive,
> available, and probably would be un-detectable in the average, every-day
> autopsy and coroner's report.  In real life, using heavy water would be a
> problem, because the murderer couldn't control the victom's in-take of water
> (without being detected as a suspect).  It would be pretty hard to spike a
> can of Pepsi, particularly if the can hasn't been opened yet, and the murderer- to-be is across town at the time.  It would also take too long.  If the muderer

What if the murderer would you use D2O in a concentrated form, 
such as dehydrated, powder D2O ? Would be better for a SciFi,
I guess.


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