Tired of Car Payments?

Tue Apr 18 08:40:24 EST 1995

On Tue, 18 Apr 1995, Darin Stanchfield wrote:

> Through working at one of the largest car dealerships in my
> state I discovered that the sales commissions for used 
> vehicles are extremely high.   
> A few months after I stopped working there, I realized that 
> I could use some of the same techniques I used at the car lot 
> to take advantage of the huge profits and keep 100% of the 
> proceeds.
> I believed that this information was so valuable I wrote it 
> down so you could easily extract the information and put it 
> to good use.  
> The techniques I learned can be applied to several different 
> needs.  1) You can use the information to get a great deal on 
> any used vehicle.  2) You can reduce your driving costs to 
> zero for the year.  Or 3) You can get a great deal on a used 
> vehicle, reduce your driving costs to zero and make some 
> really good money.
> The average cost to operate a vehicle in today's economy is 
> almost $4,000.00 a year, so just reducing your driving costs 
> to zero would be a great help to many people.  
> With the information I provide you, this will be easy to do.  
> The next section is just one of the many secrets I'll share 
> with you when you get my information.
> At most car dealerships they have cars on their lots that 
> have been there for more than ninety-days.  Every day the 
> cars stay on the lot they're losing money on them because 
> they have to pay interest charges.  
> The dealership will frequently give lists of the vehicles that 
> are over ninety days to the salespeople, offering a cash 
> incentive to move the vehicle even if the dealership loses 
> money on it. 
> So how do you stand to gain from this?  Go to a dealership 
> (preferably a larger car dealer) and ask to see the vehicles 
> that are over ninety days old. If you find one you like, test 
> drive it and if it still fits what you want, go into the booth 
> with the salesmen and he will make every effort to sell you 
> the vehicle.  
> Remember the salesmen doesn't care if the dealership 
> makes money or not, he get's his cash bonus regardless and 
> the sales manager is happy because he's losing money on it 
> anyway.  
> So they will work together to get you the vehicle at all costs 
> even if it means they lose money on the vehicle, which 
> means you will most definitely get a great deal on that 
> vehicle.
> When you are negotiating the price of the vehicle, act as if 
> you could leave the dealership at any time and that you 
> really don't care if you buy the vehicle or not.  This strategy 
> almost always will bring the price down without much effort 
> at all.  
> Also never take the first offer they give you, this is never 
> the best deal you can get.  From my experience the 
> dealerships mark up their cars about $3,000.00 per car, so 
> keep that figure in mind.
> I've got over thirty pages of hot tips, far too much to list 
> here.  If you would like to get more info on "How to get a 
> great deal on a used vehicle," "How to reduce your driving 
> costs to zero," or "How to reduce your driving costs to zero 
> and make some extra money," 
> Then just send E-mail to DRIVEFREE at MAILBACK.COM and 
> put the word "FREE" in the subject and body of the email 
> message and you will receive it in about a minute. Or,  if you 
> don't have an email address I can Fax or snail mail it to you. 
> Fax me at: 316-682-6699, or postal mail me at: Pathway 
> International 1929 White Oak, Wichita KS, 67207.
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If anyone gets this message keep in mind that this is simply a teaser 
that asks you to e-mail to Drivefree at mailback.com.  What you get from 
that address is an order form for his manual (and possibly put on a 
mailing list????).  This is simply a solicitation for his product and not 
a disgruntled car salesman sharing his secrets out of the goodness of his 
heart to the rest of us wannabe car owners.

						Greg Abel
						Abel at utkvx.utk.edu

I am not suggesting that the manual is not worth the asking price, simply 
that the initial e-mail may be misleading (and maybe a _little_ 
inappropriate for this scientific forum?).

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