Fetus, frozen for months, becomes newborn baby?

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On 17 Apr 1995 dalehn at facstaff.wisc.edu wrote:

> In article <xG8-xwA.zstein at delphi.com>, zstein at delphi.com says...
> >Can anyone verify if this is true?  Was it a fetus or an embryo?

> Not only is this true it is quite common place.  There is really no
> distinction between fetus and embryo.  I should point out though
> that what is typically frozen is an embryo at less than a 32 cell
> stage.
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I believe that by definition an the embryonic stage ends at the end of 
the second month of gestation, from that point on the developing human is 
referred to as a fetus.
Of course, this is only a technicality, but embryologists have been known 
to be somewhat sensitive about this issue.


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