Poor Richard's Postings

Wallace MacNaughton bq376 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Tue Apr 18 07:34:49 EST 1995

In a previous posting,  (G. Blanchard) writes:
> Who appointed this little puke as judge and jury of science?  I think that poor 
> richard has way too much free time on his/her hands.
> P. S.  Hey, poor richard, here's a hint:  Whining won't go very far toward 
> getting you a job.  Maybe doing a little science that the rest of the world 
> considers important will help.
> Gary Blanchard  

Hey folks.  Let's not forget that these newsgroups are going to
attract *extremely* diverse opinions on virtually any subject,
and we need to respect the right of others to voice those opinions
(no matter how misinformed, ignorant, inflammatory, self-serving,
politically motivated, or useless they may be).  The best way to
handle these people is to simply ignore them and certainly not to
reply to their postings.  After all, the reason these people post
is to draw responses and thereby attach some sort of importance to
the dross they disseminate.

Wally MacNaughton
bq376 at freenet.carleton.ca

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