Colleague says:``no elegant writing in bio``; me:``b*llsh*t``!!

john haynie haynie at
Thu Apr 20 14:53:37 EST 1995

In a recent discussion of curricular goals, a question arose concerning
the meaning of ``precise`` and ``elegant`` as applied to writing
skills.  I won't bore you with the details but one colleague from
psychology opined that the composition found in the biological
literature might be precise but could never be considered elegant.

I disagree.  Certainly, there is an adequate supply of inelegant
verbiage in the literature of all disciplines, biology, by no means,
leading the list.  But how common are those other articles in the
biological literature which are well written, enjoyable to read, make
the best use of the language?  

Can anyone offer examples of writing of this quality?

Thanks, I'll report back if there is interest

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