PRENATAL-DIAGNOSTICS/bionet.diagnostics.prenatal PASSES: 108 YES to 1 NO

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Thu Apr 20 20:22:56 EST 1995

I am pleased to announce that the proposal to create the mailing list
and newsgroup PRENATAL-DIAGNOSTICS/bionet.diagnostics.prenatal passed
by a vote of 108 YES to 1 NO.

This group should be up and running within a few days, but please do
not request e-mail subscriptions until you see an official opening
announcement in BIONEWS/bionet.announce.


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				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

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Proposal to etablish PRENATAL-DIAGNOSTICS/bionet.diagnostics.prenatal

Proposed USENET name:       bionet.diagnostics.prenatal

Proposed mailing list name: PRENATAL-DIAGNOSTICS

Proposed e-mail addressess: prenatal at
                            prenatal at

Discussion leaders:         Aneal Chandra
                            Chandra at

                            David Miller
                            Davidm at

                            Tim Reynolds
                            Timreyno at

Cytogenetic testing is a relatively common procedure during
pregnancy to examine the health of the fetus. At the present time,
amniocentesis is often used to obtain fetal cells for the testing.
Amniocentesis is an expensive, invasive and potentially harmful
procedure. Therefore selection of patients for amniocentesis by
biochemical risk screeening tests has developed, and research into
alternative procedures is actively being pursued.

One avenue for this research is extraction of fetal cells from the
maternal circlation. It is clear that a small number of fetal cells
cross the placental barrier and sevaral approaches to identifying,
extracting, concentrating and analysing these rare fetal cells are
under evaluation.

In addition serving a bulletin board for announcements of meetings,
conferences, job opportunities, and funding sources of interest to
biologists researching this dynamic field, bionet.diagnostics.prenatal
is intended to provide an easy access environment facilitating:

* rapid exchange of technical information between researchers in
prenatal diagnostics, clinical chemistry, cytogenetics and other
associated areas.

* co-operation between clinical laboratories, research biologists
and instrument designers permitting the technological refinements
necessary for the successful implementation of new and safer

* discussion of the logistical and social impact of new technology
in prenatal diagnosis

Subscribers are welcome from academic and commercial institutions
including but not limited to developmental biology, cytogenetics,
haematology, pathology, immunology, cell biology, epidemiology,
obstetrics and paediatrics. Contributions within the functions
outlined above are encouraged. The newsgroup is expected to run
in an unmoderated fashion and we are willing to act as current

Aneal Chandra
Scientist, Cytogenetics Unit for Wales, UK

David Miller
Lecturer, Institute of Pathology, Leeds, UK

Tim Reynolds
Consultant, Clinical Chemistry, Burton General Hospital, UK

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