Mary Thorman mary.thorman at mercopus.com
Sun Apr 23 09:00:00 EST 1995

I'm trying to get detailed description of Central American marsupials
esp. opossums and esp. of the TOES.  I have gone through library
reference books, encyclopediae, etc. and get detailed descriptions of
dentition, brain, reproductive systems, etc., but no descriptions or
clear pictures of feet.  Are the forefeet "hand-like" in that they have
the typical primate fingers with small flat nailbeds, etc.?  I recently
saw an animal in my garbage can in San Jose, C.R. which looked like a
opossum except that it had little "hands."  It had the usual prehensile
tail and such.  I have never really looked at possum feet.  Now I'm
really curious.  Thanks for any info.
Mary T. in St. Pete, FL

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