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In article <3nebpl$c9u at>, Dan Stein  <dms at> wrote:
>Hi.  I'm a high-school student (junior) looking for information on bio-medical   
>Engineering.  I've always wanted to be a doctor.  Lately, however, i've been   
>introduced to enginnering and computer science.  I think Bio-medical engineering is   
>the perfect field fo me because it is a mix of doctor and engineer. 
>Can someone tell me whats going on in the field?  Are there people working on bionic   
>arms and eyes for disabled people or am i caught up in a hollywood dream? 
>Thanks for your help. 
>-Dan Stein 
>dms at 

The biomedical engineering community has a presence on the Net, thanks to 
the Whittaker Foundation, which is giving a lot of support to the field. 
The service, called BMEnet, can be reached via World Wide Web or gopher:

	WWW address:
	Gopher address: gopher://

Much of what goes on in biomedical engineering is not related to 
prosthetics--but can range from analysis of blood flow in heart disease 
to process engineering for biotechnology to biomechanics of walking. 
Applications to prosthetics and sports equipment are significant subsets 
of the field, though. Basically, the field involves any use of 
engineering prinicles in the life sciences, and can borrow from any 
traditional field of engineering (chemical, mechanical, civil, 
electrical, etc.).

Good luck on your search!

David Lewin

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