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I am organising a Fuzzy Logic Workshop/Session at the Engineering and
Physics in Medicine conference (EPM95) in Queenstown, New Zealand.
There will be tutorials on fuzzy logic for delegates with some PCs
available for hands-on experience. There will also be a number of
papers/presentations of inspirational and innovative applications of
fuzzy logic in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

I would like to hear from any prospective authors so that I can gauge
the size of the fuzzy logic session. If you are interested in
presenting a paper of your application of fuzzy logic in biomedicine,
please contact me via email (D.Campbell at

Some details of the conference are given below. For further details,
please contact me (email is fine) and I can arrange for more
information and/or author's kits to be sent to you.

Duncan Campbell
Department of Electronic Engineering
La Trobe University



Queenstown, New Zealand November 20th - 24th, 1995

Engineering & Physical Sciences in Medicine Conference '95 and 3rd
Asia/Pacific Regional Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine
and Biology Society

Sponsored by Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers
in Medicine College of Biomedical Engineers, Institution of Engineers
(Australia) IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society

GENERAL INFORMATION Centennial Celebrations

The conference will celebrate the centenary of Roentgen's discovery of
X-rays and the 50th anniversary of the first hospital physicist
appointment in New Zealand.

Dr Warren Sinclair was appointed to Dunedin Hospital in November 1945.
Now an internationally renowned biophysicist and President Emeritus of
National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, Dr Sinclair
has been invited to launch the conference as the John Strong Memorial

The historical element of the programme will complement the emphasis on
current applications of the physical and engineering sciences to
medicine and an anticipation of future developments.  These will be led
by keynote presentations from internationally renowned speakers.

Subjects covered in this meeting will include:

#  Radiation Oncology

#  Clinical Engineering

#  Physiological Measurement and Analysis

#  Medical Imaging and Radiological Physics

#  Technology Assessment

#  Rehabilitation Engineering

#  Radiation Protection

#  Non-Ionizing Radiation

There will also be workshops on selected topics.


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