"fluorescent proteins" newsgroup--gag!

Roger Wiegand rcwieg at ccmail.monsanto.com
Tue Apr 25 16:52:27 EST 1995

How in the world has such an ill-named newsgroup gotten this far in the
creation process?? The charter says, in essence:

>  This newsgroup is intended to provide a forum for discussion of
> bioluminescence, to promote further development of reporter proteins
> obtained from bioluminescent organisms, and to facilitate their
> application to interesting biological questions.

Are we to proclaim to the world that biologists don't know, or can't tell
the difference between fluorescence and luminescence? What's worse is that
many, if not most, proteins have useful fluorescence spectra and many
things can be learned by studying them spectroscopically, but that is not
even included in what this group is about.

Note that I have no objection to a group about bioluminescence and its
uses but for heaven's sake lets name it more sensibly. I'm sorry if this
is old territory, I've been gone and can't retrieve older posts from our
newsreader. I know that discussion is supposed to be over after the CFV,
but I couldn't let this pass.


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