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Wed Apr 26 02:36:56 EST 1995

In article si2 at, yu at (Jimmy Yu) writes:
>      There is already an x-plor mailing list with a fairly low volume.  Why
> a newsgroup?
> Ho Leung Ng
> ng at
> Molecular Biology Institute

Convenience is one of the better arguments.  In the last year, I've been subscribed
to several such mailing lists for XPLOR, Protein Data Bank and Structural NMR.  The
sheer load of sifting through the output of these mailers to find my "personal" 
e-mail was frustrating and I had to cut out PDB just to keep up.  Having a newsgroup 
at least organizes that information in a more convenient way.  
	However, for those who can't (or prefer not to) use netnews, will the
mail server continue to run in parallel, as it does for the structural NMR group?

Just my $0.02.


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