Cytologist's murder methods

Mike Dalrymple dalrymple at
Fri Apr 28 04:37:37 EST 1995

In article <3nkq8u$fsg$1 at> JP Bailhe,
71202.2712 at CompuServe.COM writes:
>I'm a writer looking for a plausible way an ingenious cytologist 
>(out of self defense) might attempt to murder a very bright 
>It is acceptable if the method is based on some pre-existing 
>condition in the nerologist: diabetes, etc. I'm trying to find a 
>way the cytologist could do this without leaving any trace except 
>to the most expert eye. She, the cytologist, can have access to 
>neurologist's home, office, or person.

You are genuine, aren't you?  I mean, if a post from Michigan Militia
for a plausible means of building an explosive device, what would you do?
Just a thought.


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