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>>   Jimmy Yu (yu at wrote:
>>   : There is already an x-plor mailing list with a fairly low volume.  Why
>>   : a newsgroup?

>>  Same discussion on every program package surfacing? I am in favour of such 
>>  a newsgroup as I happen to be not interested enough to subscribe to 
>>  yet-another mailing list but would like to peek in if it can be skipped 
>>  over rapidly if required. 

>>   Regards
>>   Reinhard Doelz

I understand the desire to put information about software out on the 'net,
but creating a bionet newsgroup for every single piece of significant 
software in existence for the biosciences is simply excessive. X-PLOR had a
significant impact on protein crystallography, and on NMR, when it came out,
and is a vital tool. But this of itself is *not* a sufficient reason to create
a newsgroup.

As has been observed, the X-PLOR mailing list would appear to be low volume.
Posts relating to X-PLOR would do just as well in the bionet.xtallography and
bionet.structural-nmr newsgroups. These are currently also low volume, and I
don't see any good reason to create a newsgroup when the volume does not
warrant it, and when other newsgroups can accommodate the purpose admirably.

I'd also note that there is an X-PLOR home page at
that is well-suited to disseminating information about the program itself, and
is a better choice than Usenet for that purpose.

Just my 2c,
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