Pubic hair; Attention Kuiper

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Sun Apr 30 14:42:54 EST 1995

In a previous posting, Michael Kolotila x3887 508-374-3887 (mkolotil at NECCADM3.NECC.MASS.EDU) writes:
> I am wearing my human anatomy and physiology professor hat now.  The 
> reasons that we have pubic hair is:  1) as a cushion during sexual 
> intercourse (albeit, perhaps not a great cushion)   2)  as a form of dry 
> lubrication during sexual intercourse.  Hope that this helps.
> Michael
> On Thu, 27 Apr 1995 USERID at InforMNs.k12.MN.US wrote:
>> Good Afternoon,
>> You may chuckle as you read my request; however, it is a sincere question 
>> from an elementary phy ed teacher.  Today in a multi-age classroom, grades
>> 4-6, I was presenting our family life curriculum and a student asked a
>> question I could not answer so I'm turning to you for help.  The question
>> is, "Why do we have pubic hair?"  Please send your response to
>> 0518wel at InforMNs.k12.MN.US and put Kuiper in the subject line.
>> Thank you in advance for your assistance

Another thought, hair acts as a wick for the evaporation and dispersion
of sweat and its scent.  The aroma of arousal ...

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