what is a yahoo?

Sun Apr 30 17:15:57 EST 1995

On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, timothy e cassidy wrote:

> A Yahoo is a general term for the Australian anthropoid which is occasionally
> seen. Something like Bigfoot. Aborigines have many tales of hairy folk,
> spirit or real. Recently people have started seeing them and I believe
> at least one serious investigation is in the process. If this has peaked 
> anyones curiuosity I can do more research and either send it to you, or post 
> it.
> TCassidy

Surely you jest ? Unless you have your tongue planted firmly in cheek, I 
believe the term you're looking for is Yowie. Mind you, I myself have 
seen large hairy yahoos mucking about in the bush, but they're normally 
driving four-wheel drives. If you like I could tell you the sad tale of 
the Bobbitised Yowie of Kilcoy.


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