Advice needed on Lilies

Sophie Weirich sweirich at
Tue Aug 1 18:11:37 EST 1995

August 1, 1995


My name is Sophie Weirich.  I am a grade 11 student in British Columbia.  
I am looking for contacts for information about the lily.  I am doing 
research and need to know if Star-Gazer Lilies will produce a viable 
seed.  If so, I would also appreciate any advice on how to germinate the 
seed.  If Star-Gazers do not produce viable seed, I need to get a hold of 
a variety of lily that will.  The lily must bloom in the 
September-October time period and hopefully will produce seed which I 
will be able to germinate before march.  If you have any information on 
this topic, please contact me as soon as possible at:

	sweirich at

I look forward to hearing from you,

Sophie Weirich

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