WWW Resource for Cosmetic Scientists

Maurice Hevey mhevey at skypoint.com
Tue Aug 1 08:01:41 EST 1995

The Virtual Lab Bench has been created for the advancement of the art
and science of cosmetics and as a virtual meeting place for Cosmetic
Scientists to exchange information and access Internet resources.
Once at The Virtual Lab Bench, with the click of your mouse, you can;
(1) access The Virtual Formulary which has a growing list of formulas
    where key ingredients are linked by hypertext to their ICID
    Nomenclature and vendor,
(2) search, retrieve and download recent U.S. Patents,
(3) access links to numerous chemistry and bioscience sites located
    around the world,
(4) search, retrieve and download full text copies of OSHA Standards,
    29 CFR - Parts 1900 to 1999, or log onto the FDA's own web page.
    Several other government sites are available.
(5) search the databases of Material Data Safety Sheets that are
    maintained by Oregon State University, University of Utah and
    Tachyon Communications.
This an much more at The Virtual Lab Bench
<URL: http://www.skypoint.com/members/mhevey/virtual_lab.html>

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