Help, I have chicken pox and don't know where to post for advice

Brian Kneebone ao311 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Wed Aug 2 13:59:19 EST 1995

Like the heading says I have chicken pox.  I'm 20 y/o and male.  I have about
200 of these bloody spots over my body and am on my way to see a doctor now.

Am not sure where to post this to ask for advice so this is where I'm putting it for now!

I don't know when the fever was, I must have had it in my sleep.

Please give me advice or advice on where to put this ad because my job depends
on a clear face and body

I need a way to accelerate the healing process and get things back to 100% of
what they were before


Brian R. Kneebone

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